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Are you in need of a portable laundry solution for your job/construction site, Long-term event, or disaster relief? Fairview Heights Portable Restrooms has laundry trailers available for rent that can bring all of the modern comforts that help bring a quality laundry room to life in a portable laundry trailer. Our laundry trailers are manufactured according to top of the line standards of quality, and if you've dealt with our staff before you know our highest value is our customer service. New customers, welcome! We look forward to serving you well enough to make you repeat customers.

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Are you in need of a laundry trailer solution? Do you need to rent a laundry trailer in Illinois that comes with a high capacity washer, dryer, and works great! Do you need a laundry trailer for your employees or disaster relief workers? Are you representing a city or government agency, large corporation or small business? Do you need a temporary laundry solution for your hunting club? Oftentimes, people don’t look at these trailers as being essential especially when attending events that last multiple days. What most people think is that if you pack enough clothing to last you each day of the trip then, you wont need to worry about doing laundry. However, there are so many different circumstances in which these laundry trailers can make life a whole lot easier. When catastrophes come knocking, we are more than prepared to offer portable restrooms, showers, as well as laundry trailers with fresh running water. We also make it a priority to provide you with hand washing/sanitizing stations. Without a doubt, restrooms and clean water are nothing short of essential following a disaster, but laundry trailers are just as important. Camping grounds are huge consumers when it comes to portable laundry trailers, restrooms, and sanitizing stations. Some groups go on camping trips that can last days, weeks, or months. Although many people choose to “rough it” and camp to live off the land and detach from simple pleasures, having the option to wash your clothes is something many would fight to take advantage of. Unforeseen circumstances also pop up all the time. You may have thought you packed enough clothing to get you through your trip. However, depending on the weather, wearing several outfits packed to keep yourself dry is a reality. Having the luxury of washing and drying your clothes allows you to truly enjoy your outing or group event while staying clean and dry the entire trip. Please give us a call and let us speak with you about the wide variety of laundry trailer accommodations and temporary fencing we have available. Whether you’re in need of a small unit to serve a few people, or a complete fleet of trailers to take care of an entire facility, Fairview Heights Portable Restrooms is here to serve you. Call us today and ask us about our quality laundry trailer solutions and let us help you with your project or event. Restroom Trailers and Shower Trailers are available as well. - 618-693-2332

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